Women's History Month Salute to Nancy Pelosi

Today we celebrate a powerful and effective leader who provides a great example for women everywhere--Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

Born in Baltimore, MD, Nancy Pelosi is the highest-ranking politician in U.S. history. Of the 200 nations in the world, 50 have had elected women leaders; yet only 22 nations have women leaders today.

Why are we so far behind?  While the US has a record number of women in the Senate (20!), there are still a long way to go in dealing with the male-dominated discourse and fighting the diatribe GOP War on Women, even when
the diatribe fails as policy.

Ms. Pelosi entered national politics in 1987 when she was elected to the House of Representatives, a hand-picked successor to the outgoing Representative, Sala Burton. Although her district number has changed, she has held the seat for a quarter century, making her one of the most senior members of Congress. She quickly rose through the ranks, assuming various leadership positions, culminating in her term as the 60th Speaker of the House in 2003.

I hope that Nancy Pelosi's great example does inspire the next generation of women to enter politics and help keep positive change moving. With her spirited drive, I'm sure that she'll keep working to ensure that all voices are invited to the table of power and thus working to lift marginalization and oppression. "Soplistic Me", by Michael Hulshof-Schmidt provides a perceptive view of Ms. Pelosi's background, career and achievements. A great read! (Re-Blogged!)

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