The Divine Power Source

Happy New Year!  

Holiday celebrations are done for awhile, and many of us are already slowing down (i.e., "re-thinking"!) on those New Year resolutions we made....three weeks ago! As we rethink the resolutions, let's re-visit and re-connect with our divine guidance also. Although suggestions can come from many sources, personal experience has taught me that mere suggestions can't compare to good guidance! When we are open to guidance from the divine, we receive support of a powerful force greater than ourselves. That force is Love and it's undeniable that we are all in need; we can't afford
to encase it in glass with a sign that says, "Break Only In Case of Emergency"!

The divine has different meanings for different people, whether it be God, Creator, Jehovah, Allah, or Great Spirit. And even if you don't believe in any of these, consider the possibility that there is a very wise part of yourself—a higher self or a deeper self—which can provide you with guidance. What is important is that we are open to this holy and grace-filled presence, and that we consciously invite this powerful and positive guidance into our daily lives.

When seeking divine guidance with a specific result, be clear on what you are seeking. As humans, we always want what we think is best, but we have to be truthful with ourselves: there are times when what's best is not what's easiest or most enjoyable. Sometimes unwanted or unexpected challenges, difficult situations, and even pain can teach us important lessons that in the long run help us to enjoy life more fully. When we choose to see all experiences as gifts from the divine and opportunities for growth and understanding, we open ourselves to a deeper level of divine guidance.

Stay connected to your divine power source!

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