The Power of Choice

 Most of us don't even realize that we are gifted with the power of choice.  Think about it----every one of us makes countless choices every day, and every choice we make has an impact on our lives. Even insignificant choices can affect what we experience and how we feel. When hunger strikes, we can reach for a healthy, nutritious snack, or we can choose the sugar high of junk food. The more important the decision, the more profound its effect.  The tricky part of this power is knowing our own intentions (what we want as an end result) before making the choice.

For instance, how do I act towards that person who treated me badly? Do I generally choose to be passive, or do I actively set clear intentions and create what I want in my life? Every choice we make,
however big or small, affects us in some way.

How Do You Make Choices? If you are interested in living a richer, fuller life, there is a foundation upon which you can base all of your decisions which can make life better not only for you, but also for those around you. This foundation is to choose based on what's best for all.   Imagine a world where every parent, spouse, friend, teacher, businessperson, and politician truly did their best to choose what's best for all involved in every decision they made. We would certainly live in a more caring, supportive world. 

It's the Intention. "But how do I know what is really best?" you might ask. The answer is simple. It doesn't matter. 

What matters is not the choice you make, but rather the intention behind your choice. Whatever decision you make, you must be clear in your intention of choosing based on what's best for all. If it later turns out that you made what appears to have been a bad choice, there's no need for guilt. Knowing that you did your best to choose with a sincere desire for what's best for all, your conscience stays clear and open. This then allows you to more easily learn from your mistakes, and to live with a clear heart and mind. 

What's Best for Me, Too! Choosing what's best does not mean you have to always sacrifice yourself for others. An overly exhausted mother can lose her temper easily. Some time off for this mother might seem selfish, yet in the long run, it can help her to be a better mother to her children. So as we move through this busy, busy, busy holiday season and on into the new year, let us remember to include ourselves as we do our best to choose what's best for all.  

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