Be Yourself---Everyone Else is Already Taken

A couple of month ago, I had a conversation with my friend, a young lady who was struggling to decide which direction she wanted to take with her life. Not unusual, as we all have to face that same struggle at one point and time. This young lady had come to a fork in the road and had to choose either music or ministry. She proclaimed her love for both. Her love and admiration for music was to the point where she dreamed of being the next "Beyonce", however, her love to minister God's Word also made her dream of being the next (female version of) Bishop T.D. Jakes.  Although active in both arenas, she wasn’t getting the results that she expected. So......
when she asked me what I thought, that first thing that came to my mind was, “you can’t be someone who is already here.” 

Here’s the question: Why do so many of us plan to be someone that’s already here? People that achieve various levels of success and greatness do not model themselves after the person that stands before them. They push themselves to be better than that person. Statements like the one my friend made in the above paragraph are not uncommon. We’ve been programmed to measure our success against successful people in the field we admire to enter. Although this is harmless, please know that success or what is deemed to be successful should differ as much as an individuals fingerprint. You can spend your days being the 1st you or the 2nd coming of someone else. Let me just say that the original is always better. 

There is purpose for your life and a gift to be shared with the world. You will never reach the point of realization if you’re busy modeling yourself after someone else’s existence. You have to be comfortable with being who you are. Only then will you receive what is yours.

I never had a problem with the dream my friend had for herself. My problem was that she didn’t place herself in her own dream. I would never be Dolle House, if I measured and modeled myself after Lena Horne....Jackie Kennedy....Michelle Obama, or the dedicated Readers of this blog! Greatness comes in generations. Be prepared to step up when it’s your turn. Find your lane in life and stay in it.  

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